Parking Lot Striping

Your parking lot makes a first impression. Make sure it’s a good one.

There’s nothing worse than pulling into a lot and not seeing the stripes, except for maybe pulling into a bare lot, only to find that it’s chaos. No organization. No room. All hassle.

You don’t want your patrons, visitors, or staff to feel this way. Taking the time to have your lot professionally maintained with fresh striping or line painting can make a huge difference in the experience people have on your property or at your business.

Do you want them to arrive frustrated and annoyed at the parking situation? Or do you want them to feel calm and collected as they walk across your lot to the front door, feeling welcomed and at ease?

Universal Line Painting serves the parking lot design and line striping needs of the greater Northeastern Pennsylvania region. If you need to improve the safety of your lot, make parking organized and easy for your patrons, or just want to make the right impression, let our experienced team take on your line painting or restriping project.

Why Stripe Your Parking Lot?

Besides making the right first impression, parking lot line painting:
Improves the safety of your parking area, making it safer for both drivers and pedestrians
Increases the visibility of your parking area, allowing for greater organization – and smooth traffic flow
Boosts the attractiveness of your business or property

It may seem like a small improvement to make – but it’s one that has great impact. And it’s a job meant for Universal Line Painting.

Who We Serve

Located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Universal Line Painting serves businesses, individuals, and organizations throughout Luzerne and Lackawanna counties, as well as into the Lehigh Valley. We can help with a variety of pavement and lot painting services, including parking lot design, parking lot stenciling, line striping, bumper block installation and more.

If you’re looking for the right parking lot contractor to partner with in Wilkes-Barre, need a Scranton line painter with experience, or want a parking lot designer to serve your business in Hazleton with excellence, contact us today for a FREE quote!

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